A Glimpse at Tiesto’s Private Jet Collection Over the Years

The iconic portrait of Led Zeppelin in front of their private plane is often used as an illustration of how exuberant rock groups and their tours were in the mid-1970s. Their band logo plastered across the Boeing jet, Led Zep looked ready to take on the world with the power of rock and roll. Nowadays, the globetrotting musicians that require private aviation are DJs like the one and only Tiesto. Playing huge gigs thousands of miles apart, within a few days of each other, the best way for Mr. Verwest to travel is by air. Check out some photos of his collection of rented aircrafts over the years below.

Tiesto doesn’t actually buy all of these planes, but rents them for a tour period. Heck, even Led Zeppelin’s “Starship” plane was a rental for rock stars. Regardless, they’re really cool, and it’s easy to imagine Tiesto coming up with some beats or working on a Club Life podcast while aboard one of these babies.

Back in October, the producer tweeted “I do not always [fly] private jet. I only try to use that option when I really need to. #keepingitreal”. We’re sure he does – but it’d be a lot sweeter to #keepitreal on these! EDM is this generation’s rock and roll, and equipment-mastering DJs are our versions of guitar-wielding rock stars. And this collection shows a history of a true touring icon.

Photos by TiestoCollector.

Led Zep photo by legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen.