Gareth Emery – Beautiful Rage feat. LJ Ayrten

A signature element to Gareth Emery’s sound has often been a powerful vocal clip. And in “Beautiful Rage” we find just that: the ethereal female vocals of LJ Ayrten adorn one of many anticipated songs from the producer’s new album, Drive. Juxtaposing a sharper, harder-edged synth beat with Ayrten’s haunting and airy voice, as the title perfectly portrays, “Beautiful Rage” is a classic example of marrying antithetical elements to accomplish something very compatible and complete. The instrumentals in the song create a “quirky, string-heavy progressive number that [Emery] had been kicking around for a few years,” and it was only with his discovery of Ayrten’s laid back voice that put the finishing cherry on top. Listen to the preview today, and make sure to pre-order Drive for when it releases on April 1st!