Fedde Le Grand – Don’t Give Up (Official Music Video)

People who watched Ultra Music Festival’s live stream from Miami last year or the legendary festival’s insane aftermovie will immediately recognize this particular tune. It’s the little clip of melody that would play in between transitions to different sets at the festival and is undoubtedly very difficult to forget and has been known for getting stuck in the head of millions of viewers around the world; come on, you know which one I’m talking about! Featured on “The Sounds of Ultra” the tune is entitled “Don’t Give Up” and it is only natural that the talented and legendary Fedde Le Grand would be the one behind such an unforgettable and danceable melody. In this 3 minute video, you’ll get to see Fedde’s always electrifying and amped up sets from Ultra Miami, UMF Croatia and UMF South Korea that truly captures the energy in the song itself. Starting a new tour March 7th, you can be sure to catch this awesome track and many more new works by Fedde on his stops around the world and as he closes the Worldwide Stage at Ultra Miami on March 30th. Make sure purchase the full song from Beatport on March 24th!!