DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs List Released: Ibiza & the Rest of Europe Still Reign Supreme

While many of us envious, FOMO-plagued dance music fans have been dreaming of partying in Miami all week, DJ Magazine has been reeling in the votes for the Top 100 Clubs in the world, and the results are finally in. Although it’s easy to hold scrutiny towards the same publication that brings fans the oft-debated Top 100 DJ’s each year, this ranking is more of a fun bucket list, generated by voters, of all the greatest nightlife destinations in the world. As expected, Europe, in particular Ibiza, dominates the list, and for good reason. European clubs have a long and storied history that goes far beyond that of more or less any U.S club (of course, there are exceptions), and they have only upped their already-impressive game during the world-wide dance music surge of the past decade.

With most of the top winners located in Ibiza, reading through the results can make any club rat even more eager to make a pilgrimage to the White Island. However, with descriptions for superclubs across Europe, Asia, and North and South America, this year’s Top 100 shows that throughout the globe, people love to go out and dance, and certain places are perfect for just that. How many of these worldwide nightclubs have you been to?