Dirty South & Rudy Present ‘Ruben Haze’

Taking on a completely different persona, Phazing label boss, Dirty South, puts his head together with vocalist Rudy Sandapa to create something truly remarkable. Enter “Ruben Haze“. Who is Ruben Haze? He is a fabricated character meant to embody the musical creativity of Dirty South and Rudy.

Dirty South & Rudy – City of Dreams | Purchase

“We wanted to give ourselves a platform to put out music for years. Music for the ages. Ruben Haze gives us a chance to do that and throughout the past year Ruben Haze has truly taken on a life of his own”

Ruben Haze” is a live band project with a debut full length EP is set for release on March 11th. Some will recognize the lead track of the EP, ‘City of Dreams‘,  as the club hit by Dirty South and Alesso, however “Ruben Haze” substitutes pulsing bass and synth progressions for acoustic string melodies and relaxed drum beats. Expect gentle, yearning and ethereal music throughout the EP. This project is an expression of musical creativity that goes beyond the realm of electronic music.

To expand the story of the character Ruben Haze, the EP will be accompanied with a beautifully illustrated digital comic book that will further enhance the auditory journey of the listener.

Listen to a preview of the whole ‘City of Dreams‘ EP here.