Last week, Richie Hawtin’s label, Plus 8 Records, released an imprint which included an interesting techno track by a rather unknown producer name. The internet asked, and the blogs answered as to the identity behind the stage name ‘testpilot.’ Rumors shot around further after noticing the description of the song on its SoundCloud page, which read “made by another skinny white kid, [who] became part of the label’s collection and history.”

The Mau5 finally came out as the producer of the mysterious song, titled ‘SunSpots.’:

“EDM all sounds the same to me. But with techno – minimal techno, or heavy techno, or neo-progressive techno – fuck, it’s all techno! You know what I mean? It’s got a kick every 4/4, so everything in that realm I’m cool with. I was just trying something different.”

Zimmerman later goes on to say that ‘SunSpots’ had been lying around for quite awhile until he, alongside Hawtin, decided it was finally ready for release. Listen to it here:

via In The Mix