Deadmau5 Puts Out an Epic Troll on Avicii & Martin Garrix at Ultra 2014

Deadmau5 was put on roster to replace Avicii on Saturday of Ultra Music Festival Miami, and he made sure his presence was known by poking a little fun at Dutch producer Martin Garrix. The fun began when he took to Twitter to let his fans know exactly how he felt about the 17 year old’s debut.

To add some foreshadowing, he then gave us a sneak peak at what his night’s set would also bring later on.

The product that came out of these tweets? A full-on frenzy of  trolling for the main stage crowd at Ultra Music Festival that included the old McDonald McMangos’s edit of ‘Animals’ and a remix of ‘Levels’ and ‘Ghost N Stuff’ that is out of this world. Watch the video above to see ‘Funnymals’ Edit video.