Throwback Thursday: Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love [Special Edition]

Yea, yea, we’ve been a little lax on our Throwback Thursdays recently. However, what better week to bring it back than Valentine’s day week (well, now that we think about it, there are probably plenty of better weeks)? And what dance music anthem reflects the holiday’s spirit better than anything else? Of course, it’s got to be Above & Beyond’s “Thing Called Love.” While not the oldest track out there, it is nonetheless quite appropriate, and therefore this week’s Throwback Thursday choice. Tony, Paavo, and Jono are well known for their poignant lyrics about love, whether it’s the destructive “Alchemy,” or the depressive yet soulful “Sun & Moon,” (Or “Alone Tonight,” “Love Is Not Enough,” “Making Plans,” “Can’t Sleep,” “Liquid Love,” the list just goes on and on). “Thing Called Love” is perhaps a bit more uplifting, in that its subject matter revolves around taking that small chance at love as opposed to losing it. After all, “to cross the line takes a tiny step…and it’s a wasted love that we all regret.” So, don’t forget about a thing called love tomorrow, guys. Have a safe weekend.