Madeon Confirms At Least Eleven New Tracks for this Year


Madeon had a huge year last year and is poised to have an even bigger one in 2014, if that’s even remotely possible. In the first month of the new year, we have seen Madeon drastically increase his social media presence, to the excitement of fans worldwide. First, Madeon let the Facebook world know that he is taking a hiatus from touring to work on his new album. Now, the 19 year old French prodigy has returned to his once dormant Tumblr. Madeon stated that he wants to use the blogging site to post “stuff I can’t really post anywhere else.” He kicked off his newfound Tumblr involvement by hosting a Q&A session with fans. Madeon answered a variety of questions ranging from what he thought of Ellie Goulding (“She’s lovely!”) to if he ever plans to go to college (“No.”). However, fans are likely more interested in what kind of content Madeon will grace them with this year and he confirmed via the bombardment of questions that he plans to release at least eleven new songs in 2014. With an already impressive catalogue of work, 11 new Madeon tracks should help the young superstar dominate the EDM scene even more.