FTW – Lets Be Friends

Are you ready for some new Lets Be Friends? Their new track ‘FTW’ dropped earlier this week and it is sure to have dance floors rocking. The track opens up with Triple H pumping up the crowd and preparing for the onslaught of dubstep that will ensue. The track immediately goes into a heavy dubstep drop reminiscent of that Knife Party sound we all fell in love with and that LBF has crafted into their own unique style. As the drop dies down, the chorus builds a large electro synthesizer solo, then adds some lasers for good measure. But what makes the song is the second drop, a mixture of the dubstep intro and that electro crescendo from before that will have you leaving your feet. If you’re a fan of LBF or just good old fashioned bass music then this will just be another addition to your musical arsenal.