Artificial – Stuck In Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta, Ibiza. Not a bad location to be stuck in, especially when it’s with Tony, Paavo, and Jono of Above & Beyond that your stuck with. In fact, it’d be a great time to make some music, no? Yes. And in fact, that’s exactly what Andrew Bayer, Bruce Karlsson, and Nick Sember decided to do. The result? The fittingly titled “Stuck In Sa Caleta.” Of course, Bruce and Nick are better known as Norin & Rad, and their recent foray into a partnership with the magnanimous Andrew Bayer is officially called Artificial. Following up their first release, “Prototype,” “Sa Caleta” shines with the trio’s very identifiable vibe. Reminding us very much of the bouncy “Bird Is The Word” and perhaps even some of the energy found in Mr. Bayer’s “Once Lydian,” it’s another high quality release from the Anjunabeats kitchen.