LIVE Instrumental Mashup of DJ Mag Top 100

The Bareback Titty Squad is a hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia that specializes in live mash ups of popular songs with their energetic touch. They garnered significant attention on the internet by mashing up the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2012. Now, they’re back with the “world’s first live-instrumental DJ set” with their 40 minute mash up of the DJ Mag Top 100 of 2013.

Done in sequential order, the tighty whitey trio seamlessly pull off the daunting task of an instrumental mash up of the DJ Mag Top 100 in its entirety showcasing their musical talent and sense of humor. The performance is rich with clever moments such as the beating of the chest while singing to simulate pitch bend or the “Please Flip to Side B” pause during Gareth Emery because he asked people not to vote for him. From the cheeky comments made throughout or the jokes in the artist/song graphic (Carl Cox -> Carl Cocks), one would think that BBTS was using EDM as a whipping boy. But, according to the band, they “care so much about electronic music” and “wanted to experiment and see how electronic music could be played with traditional instruments…We wanted to merge old world with new.”

The impressive video offers many lol’s and a lot of weird so check it out below, and you can also get a free download here.