Krewella – Human (Official Music Video)

Jahan, Yasmine and Rain Man open up their brand new music video for “Human” with the following quote: “This video was shot during our last two years of touring. It is dedicated to you, our Krew…the ones that make this dream possible.” Fans of the Krew will no doubt be moved by this expressive video that fits perfectly with the song. Emotional shots of Krewella breaking down on tour and spending time with their parents are rotated with glimpses from their “Get Wet” tour and images of fans’ Krewella tattoos throughout the video. The music video was directed, filmed and edited by Miles Evert, who has been on tour with Krewella and catching their life on film for the past two years. No matter what you think of the video, it is definitely worth a watch to see the hardships Krewella goes through to make their dreams possible.