Kaskade Brings The LLOVE to XS Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day

“One, one, two, three…You know L-L-O-V-E”

If there is one electronic artist that knows his stuff about love, it is definitely Kaskade. His lyrics of love have made many people see stars and fall in love with the person standing next to them for over a decade. Now Valentine’s Day may be a day that most people dread, but Kaskade invites you to come celebrate all the L-L-O-V-E with him regardless if you are coupled or not.

It will be a guaranteed good time at XS Nightclub, one of the swankiest and sultriest night clubs in Las Vegas. Let Kaskade be your cupid this Valentine’s Day and take you away for a night of fun under the lights. In the words of Kaskade, “You never know who’s waiting for you, You never know when love is coming your way.

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