Ellie Goulding Premieres Music Video for Goodness Gracious

Bearing winter temperatures, coping with the aftermath of the holidays, and trudging back to work or school is a dangerous cocktail for depression that can only be countered by an overload of visual and audial jubilance. And thank goodness we have Ellie Goulding’s premiere of music video “Goodness Gracious” to save us from the misery.

Produced by Kinga Burza, the Polish-Australian director who also shot Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and La Roux’s “In For the Kill,” the cotton candy-filtered skies, tropical Starburst-colored ocean waves, and neon-hued pyrotechnics give the music video a pleasantly psychedelic color scheme similar to that of Apple’s iOS 7 and transports you into a fanciful state of bliss. Released as a track in Goulding’s extended album Halcyon Days, “Goodness Gracious” has a light-heartedness and upbeat cadence that’ll strike your craving for summer days.