Ellen DeGeneres Dances to Dillon Francis’ “I.D.G.A.F.O.S” for Super Bowl Commercial

For anyone who is not familiar with Ellen Degeneres, you should know that she loves to dance. For anyone who is not familiar with Dillon Francis, you should know that he loves to make music that makes people dance. The two worlds will come clashing together on Sunday when the new Beats Music ad airs during the Super Bowl, as their commercial will feature the famous daytime talk show host (and a lion who looks strikingly similar to Skrillex) dancing to Dillon’s 2011 hit, “I.D.G.A.F.O.S”. With over 100 million people expected to be watching the big game, this air time could really help boost the taco-loving producer’s career. Dillon already has a large, dedicated fan base intact, but the massive exposure, along with appearances at Ultra and Coachella and a debut album dropping in May, should help take Dillon’s career to another level. The only question viewers are left with is, “Who is in that costume?”. Could it be Skrillex? Diplo? Dillon’s Dad? Hopefully we will find out Sunday! For now, check out the sneak preview of the commercial below and even give the full song a listen for old times sake.