EDM Giant Insomniac to Launch New Label ‘Insomniac Records’

The latest in Insomniac related news seems to be a step forward that’s been a long time coming. It makes perfect sense for one of the largest electronic music events companies to turn it’s attention to harnessing and releasing it’s own brand of fresh electronic talent. The news comes directly from an interview with Insomniac’s Artistic Performance Director on the Drop Show. According to Bunny, not only will his newest release be featured on Insomniac Records, but also some former Discovery Project winners, such as James Egbert, will be releasing their music on the upcoming label as well. While this naturally will mean more competition for the major electronic music labels, this is good news for emerging artists as a brand new platform is opening up for them to take advantage of. You can listen to the full interview, or skip approximately to the 47 minute mark towards the end to hear the details for yourself.