Deorro – Unspoiled Perfection feat. Madeleine Jayne Music & Adrian Delgado

On a list of DJs to watch in 2014, Deorro would be at the top, previewing his forthcoming new bouncing tune “Unspoiled Perfection,” (the title is pretty self-explanatory) with dreamy and goose bump-harvesting vocals from Madeleine Jayne Music and Adrian Delgado, whose voices sound like they should be singing over a drum-set beat and an accompanied lead/bass guitarist. In other words, these singers clearly should be hanging around with an alternative rock band, but Deorro hit them up and offered them an in to the most profitable part of the music industry today, EDM, which might be his best decision yet. The vocals are accompanied by some stellar lead-synths that will entrance any listener and just when you’re hooked on the main melody, you are ejected from your seat by a pounding drop that has that signature Deorro sound that the “PandaFam” (the name he gives his fans) have grown to love. Not much change here from Deorro’s other recently released tracks, a fist-bumping drop with a hard kick…but who cares! The songs’ a fricken’ masterpiece and just what the crowd wants to hear at a huge festival/stadium venue. Deorro has already done some sick collaborations/remixes with renowned DJs like Steve Aoki, Diplo, Carnage, etc. and with his most recent big-room house hit, “Yee,” Deorro is starting a ride that most young, aspiring DJs can only dream of. Expect some great stuff out of this guy in 2014. Check out the preview below and get the track off Cr2 Records on January 13th.