Dannic Kicks Off 2014 With Teaser Video for Upcoming Single ‘Lion’

Here come the Dutch. Ringing off 2014 the right way is Hardwell’s best bud himself, Dannic, with this teeth-clenching, jumping-out-of-your-seat type teaser video that will have your jaw dropping to your knees once the build-up starts. The video begins with a steady dance beat that kind of reminds you of the massive Bingo Player’s hit “Rattle,” before that glorious, “rattling” melody we all love begins, along with a ton of smoke and people letting loose with their hands in the air (which we pretty much see throughout the entirety). Well, that renowned melody is what we see here except with a thick, awesome and motivational melody that kicks in, which is that typical Dannic-Hardwellian electronic synth we often hear in the songs from their label Revealed Recordings. To show us how much this track is being hyped-up in the EDM world, we see a smiling, head-bobbing Tiesto chillin’ behind the booth as well as the DJ Mag #1 himself, Hardwell, seen fading into the shot and throwing in some mixing of his own (clearly these top tier Dutch DJs like to travel in packs). The build-up includes a roaring, increasingly loud sound that drops into a big-room, festival banger with a polyrythm, progressive beat bound to bring the house down when and wherever it’s thrown into a set. Expect this track to be a definite Beatport Top 10 and a huge hit to start off 2014. Get the track off Revealed Recordings on January 20th.