Martin Garrix Hints at Superstar Collaboration in Recent Interview

It would appear that the 17-year-old star, Martin Garrix, has been having a busy year post-Animals. What started off of a smash hit single quickly turned into a schedule chocked full of tour dates, personal releases, and productions for other artists ranging across a variety of genres.

To close out the year, the young producer had the chance to sit down with Dutch radio personality Wessel van Diepen. What will be a three part series of interviews between the two, in the first installment, Garrix talks primarily about both his touring schedule and his productions for other artists. There artists include big chart-topping names such as Justin Bieber himself, but other than this connection, Garrix seems to be keeping his mouth relatively shut when it comes to other artists he is producing for.

When asked about his life on tour and the demands of playing so many shows, Garrix comments saying, “I think five or six hours is kind of hard for me…I prefer playing sets for one and a half hours- it’s not too short, so you can weave your story, but it’s not too long.”