[Snowglobe Showcase #5] The Path: Kill Paris

In the midst of music all sounding the same, talentless hacks gaining all the fame, and funk and disco hanging onto life by a mere thread, we are truly lucky to have producers like Corey Barker, or how his fans know him, Kill Paris. His name stems from the idea of abolishing talentless fame (do I need to spell it out any further?) mission is to bring the groove, and the love back into music.  The OWSLA veteran has had quite a huge year, releasing several original productions, countless remixes of classic songs, and I don’t mean you’re classic EDM tracks. I mean songs your parents used to listen to, now brought into a new electronic light.

Snowglobe has done well in asking Kill Paris to join the line-up. With such a diverse array of sound covered by other artists in attendance, his unique future-funk will fit quite nicely. His use of slap bass lines, ever-present melodies, and euphoric chords are perfect for anyone looking to get their groove on; and in a festival full of music lovers waiting to ring in the new year, that should cover every one there. Along with ‘bringing back the funk’, Corey can also add ‘solicitor o soul’ to his musical resume. The funky beats are most present in his fun remixes, but many of his original productions are songs about love and passion, and the lyrics aren’t even necessary to make that safe assumption. Snowglobe is a perfect festival to hold that someone special close and bring in a new. This song coincidently, is great for the same reason.