Showtek – We Like To Party
Skink | Release Date: December 30, 2013

The Dutch electronic duo are back at it again to close out 2013 (which they dominated, you couldn’t listen to a set at a festival without one of their songs being dropped) with a brand new track titled “We Like To Party”. Oh boy, say hello to the fast-paced club anthem of 2014. This song serves the purpose of unveiling to the world their new record label, “Skink”. According to the artist’s YoutTube account, “Drawing its name from a particular species of lizard, the label Skink embodies the characteristics of this unlikely emblem. Elusive and impossible to pin down, the skink is a survivor, making it the perfect symbol of Showtek’s continuing musical evolution and determination to sustain longevity with their endeavours.” Listen to the teaser below: