Karanda – Kingpin

Karanda – “Kingpin”
Label: Enhanced Progressive | Release Date: December 2nd, 2013
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The progressive British maestros James Wood and Andrew Curd, more recognizably known as Karanda, have released the full original mix of their Digitally Enhanced Volume 6 track “Kingpin” today (to much personal delight). Hot on the heels of their other 2013 releases “Banshee/Zazzy”, “Whopper” and their collaboration with Juventa and Roxanne Barton “Ethereal”, one could argue that this is their most polished and atmospheric dance floor-destroyer to date. Featuring production laden with belting kicks, electrifying synth stabs/breaks and Karanda’s signature heady usage of reversed and manipulated vocal samplings, “Kingpin” is sure to cause eruptions on many unsuspecting dance floors in times to come.