Chuckie Pays Homage to Paul Bäumer of Bingo Players at TomorrowLand

It is in mourning that we are truly able to sit back and reflect on the positives that someone has brought into our lives. While it may have touched our hearts then, it moves us to tears now. So when watching this video of Chuckie at TomorrowLand remember that it’s okay to Cry, Just a Little. In his TomorrowLand set, Chuckie played the Bingo Players biggest track Cry (Just A Little) and then did something that had been gaining popularity all festival season: have the crowd sit down. But this sit down was no government protest, or moment of rest; it was a moment of clarity, a moment of respect and silence paid to Paul Bäumer as he battled cancer. The final few minutes of Chuckie’s set was dedicated to him, and now stands as a monumental homage in the days following his death. Chuckie, however, wasn’t the only DJ to pay tribute to Paul during a live set, as Skrillex also took a second to show his grief at his gig in San Francisco.

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