Snows Out Guns Out – Official SnowGlobe Preview + Giveaway

Snowglobe 2

Show of hands… Who has raved in a snowstorm?

Let’s flash forward two months as we all reunite with our classmates, friends, and co-workers in 2014.  Eventually, the inevitable question presents itself, “What did you do this New Years?”  Drink at a bar, bought expensive champagne?  Stayed home and ate?  How about… “We rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe, I taught myself to snowboard, and rang in the new year raving to Kaskade and Tiesto.”

New Year’s Eve is one of the most heavily laden night in terms of events and concerts, as an upcoming post from my fellow writer Matt will show you.  Everyone all over the globe is trying to do it big. Amidst the shows available to us within the confines of the U.S, only a handfull are multi-night events.  Amidst those shows, Snowglobe possesses a magic that lies in something far more difficult to achieve these days. It’s unique. It’s beautiful. It’s an experience very few people will be able to top.  Snowglobe captures an ambience that puts it in a realm of an Electric Forest, or a Paradiso. Instead of manipulating its surroundings to fit a venue to the vision, Snowglobe seeks to immerse you in a totally different world. The event embraces Lake Tahoe and its majestic winter wonderland-esque scenery.

Unlike more or less any other festival, Snowglobe offers a very alluring double threat: for those embracing the “no sleep til I’m dead” mantra, Lake Tahoe is currently home to the #5 ski resort in the country.  Ride/ski all day, rage all night, what could be better?

Snowglobe Wiz
Breaking down the lineup, Snowglobe brought out the big guns for its headliners.  The allure of a continually evolving Tiesto, who just recently announced a new album, is coupled with a second night of Kaskade and his incredible ability to cater his sets to exactly what the audience needs, wants, and feels.   Beyond its headliners, Snowglobe features a diverse lineup ranging from Siren’s Ceol (Glitch/DubStep), to Dillon Francis, to up-and-comers like Kap Slap.  And what about music beyond what might be considered pure dance music?  Snowglobe has it, featuring acts like Snoop-a-loop/Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion.  Who cares what you call him – the OG will be in attendance.  Add that to a stellar cast of progressive artists like Beatz Antique, Gigamesh, and Cashmere Cat, it’s without a doubt a “something for everyone” kind of lineup.

Snowglobe Lineup

Currently the tickets are going for $204 (with shuttle pass), which makes it one of the least expensive festivals out there.  However, they’re slated to increase December 11th.  For room and board, if you do some searching on popular sites like, or use Snowglobe’s SkiSync, you can find 5-day rooming for less than 200 a person (for those who may prefer to stretch the trip and sleep…a little).

Check out Snowglobe’s website for more information. Enter below for a chance to win a ticket to Snowglobe this year!