Seven Lions ft. Ciscandra Nostalghia – Serpent Of Old

Seven Lions - New Track!

Seven Lions has had an an amazing 2013 and I could not be happier to see it. Now that he’s gotten a chance to headline his own tour, flex his creative muscles and really start to feel out his space, we can expect some amazing tracks and album work from Seven Lions. And if you didn’t believe me, his new single will definitely change your mind. The metal-infused dubstep is massive, jaw-dropping and terrifyingly awesome at times. The vocals from Ms. Nostalghia are haunting and match the tune perfectly. There’s a darkness to the sound that Seven Lions may have been scared to add to his tracks until now, but if this is the first preview of the new sound of Seven Lions, I’m going to eat it up. Make sure to pre-order it on iTunes so we send the message that this kind of sound is wanted and needed in the EDM landscape.