Deadmau5 Talks Plans for Storytelling Through Use of Music and Technology

Shortly before Deadmau5’s remarkable set at Los Angeles’ HARD Day of the Dead, the man himself sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview. If you follow the latest in electronic music, then you know that Deadmau5 has been prolific on Soundcloud in the last several months; in the interview we learn that an official release is imminent. Perhaps most relevant to our interests are his plans to bring a strong storytelling aspect to his live shows. This type of conceptualization in production would be fairly ground breaking in the realm of electronic music and he has the following to say about it.

Here’s the thing with this particular project, and the one following, is that I’m following a storyline. I’m really following a plot, so there are moments in the story where I’m really thinking, “I gotta create a certain atmosphere” . . . We’re really, really going storyboard with this thing. We’ve got some writers who’ve written some amazing things working on a script for a show.

If you’ve been to Hakkasan Las Vegas recently to see Deadmau5, then undoubtedly you’ve caught a glimpse of his new Mau5bots – the latest addition to his live production. What he’s referring to in this interview takes the concept of production to a completely different level.

I want to explore the world of storytelling with music and technology, and presenting that technology in a way where you can unify the whole thing, and it’s not just a guy playing fucking good songs. So it’s big-picture stuff.

Mr. Zimmerman marks fall of 2014 as the goal date to unveil this latest concept but he’s willing to wait until Spring of 2015 even if it means truly doing justice to his vision. He’s taking his time with this one folks so don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

via Rolling Stone