Deadmau5 Shares More Footage of New Interactive DJ Surface

In the Past months, Deadmau5 has shared a series of pictures and videos on his Instagram of a new control surface for his future shows.  The “PPI Control Surface” is a collaboration with Microsoft.  There’s still no concrete information about what it is, but from this most recent video below, which shows it performing looping effects, it appears to be some sort of mixer or live effects controller.

Deadmau5 has always been skeptical of DJing. He has always accused it of being un-artistic, seeing as it is so easy for DJ’s to simply press play and jump around waving a flag.  But if Deadmau5 or some other EDM producer is performing live how else will they play their material if not in the traditional DJ format?  Perhaps with this new surface the Mau5 will have created an easy answer and DJing will be saved from the evil antics of Joel Zimmerman’s so called “button pushers”.