Deadmau5 Dishes a Lucky Strike with Another Tune ‘777’

Deadmau5 is back to posting incredible new music to Soundcloud.  It seems that since the Progressive Electro-House giant has left Twitter he has been using his time very well.  The 13 minute ‘777’ seems to use every single dial, button, and knob in Deadmau5′ famously intricate production studio.  Listening to it,  one can’t help but imagine the Mau5 himself bent over some wonderfully complex studio synthesizer agonizing over the tiniest beautiful detail.  This new track follows the same strain as the earlier 7 deadly sins playlist, and much of it follows a similar melodic keyboard synth dominated theme.  In fact, much of it is derived from earlier tracks like ‘Gula’, a revision of which was recently released.  However, Deadmau5 will never stop at good, and he always seems to seek to improve his work until he has achieved the best.  When listening to ‘777’, it starts out with what sounds almost exactly like some of his most recent material, but in one of the most striking moments of the track there is a sudden shift from a soft melody to a surprising but well designed beatline.  The surprise symphony of Deadmau5 you might say.  This track is just as or perhaps even more beautiful than some of Deadmau5′ most recent releases.  With this track in particular, it can be best enjoyed without looking at the waveform, so that it’s many intricacies can be just as much a surprise as if they were performed live.  As Deadmau5 builds up his impressive set of music, equipment, and even a new rumored website of some sort, he continues to astound the world of electronic music with ever more creative work.   Who knows what new creation will come next from the ‘Sphinx of Toronto’?