Cory Hart’s ‘Sunglasses’ Gets A Facelift From Papercha$er

Cory Hart

There are very few songs out there that have truly transcended multiple generations like the frat boy anthem “Sunglasses” by Cory Hart.  Although more recently more closely tied to the Jersey Shore lifestyle and the viral Youtube hit “My New Haircut,” this song has been a party staple for over 30 years.  It’s even quite possible that your parents were jamming to this song when it originally came out in the 1980s.

Cory Hart has denied countless attempts and re-works of this track in its 30 year journey, and while he was mostly successful in stopping remixes, he has officially agreed to release a new, electro-infused, 2013 edit, championed by a Chicago remix duo, Papercha$er.  In a recent interview with Billboard, he said the following.

“I’ve been turning down interpolation for about 12-13 years now, I stopped keeping track. Most of the times when I turn them down the artists have gone ahead and actually done a full version of the song and because I’m the songwriter they need my permission on it…. “The song has just become part of the cultural lexicon. As a songwriter, I’m blown away by that. I guess I’m paying respect to the song by trying to do something new with it but also retaining the magic of the song itself.”

In somewhat of an expected “coincidence,” rumors have also been surfacing about another Cory Hart album.  What better way to get the PR ball rolling than with this?  Win for Cory, win for Papercha$er, win for us.