Carnage Goes On A Twitter Rampage About Haters Calling Him ‘A Disgrace to the scene’

Trapmaster DJ Carnage has taken to his Twitter account to speak up on recent accusations of “ghost producing” and “not being able to DJ.” Not one to hold back, Carnage really lets his thoughts fly against the negative feedback he’s been getting. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone and it’s public knowledge that DJs have haters and don’t get all the respect that they feel they deserve. I mean, deadmau5’s Twitter picture has him sporting a hat that says “I Love Haters.” The backlash comes with the fame and the bigger an artist gets, more people are going to find ways to reject and bring that person down. As per normal in 2013, Carnage took to Twitter to express his feelings with regards to all of the negative commentary:

A favorite hobby for Internet trollers is to comment negatively on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and other sites. But even if the statement is anonymous or open, cruel words still hurt. It’s not fair for performers who bust their butt with exhausting tour schedules and production demands to be put down like that, even if it is through the lense of internet trolling. Kudos Carnage for airing out your frustration, you are among many other artists to show your disdain for the negativity.

[H/T: Whiteraverrafting]