Armin Van Buuren’s Brother Creates Acoustic Trance Album

Armin and Eller Van Buuren

Music certainly runs deep in this family as Eller Van Buuren (that’s right Armin Van Buuren’s brother!) releases an acoustic trance album entitled Acoustic Dance Music. Eller is, in fact, a musician who tours and performs with Armin consistently. The idea of this album came in a hotel room during the Armin Only tour where Eller decided to ask each vocalist if they wanted their Armin produced track done acoustically with him. With such positive reception on Armada’s YouTube page, Eller decided to master all of the songs and presented the album in Amsterdam on Monday. The album is made up of Armin’s most beloved tracks over the years such as “Feel So Good” and “Not Giving Up On Love”, which only creates a new sense of appreciation and a refreshing perspective on Armin’s hugest trance tracks. Armin is a big supporter of his brother’s project, who he mentions “makes my music sexy.” Is this possibly Armin’s way of approaching the EDM gone acoustic market? Or has the younger kin realized the full potential of his brother’s music in a new way. Nevertheless, check out the album and the video below to judge for yourself and let us know what you think! The album is available now on iTunes.