Armin van Buuren Plans To Never Leave Trance, Says He’s a “trance lover by heart”

The godfather of trance music Armin Van Buuren has given another on point interview, remaining positive about the future of his beloved trance genre, and the EDM scene in general. Speaking to Fusion magazine at tomorroworld Georgia two months back, it’s immediately clear that Armins love for the music has in no way wavered “You can’t get used to the connection with the crowd, the roar of the crowd as you walk on stage. It’s something surreal you can’t put your finger on”. Armin is happy to remind trance enthusiasts that although he likes “experiment” in other genres he is a “trance lover by heart” and would pass up the opportunity to pull in bigger crowds to stay true to himself.

the legend goes on to express his annoyance at the focus of drug misuse in the EDM industry despite it occurring elsewhere “its the most annoying misconception, I wanna stress that that happens at rock concerts too”. While Armin correctly stresses that “you don’t need drugs to have a good time” he understands that many people do take them in moderation, and places the emphasis on safety and responsibility “We need to look after each other, there’s always going to be a few idiots who wanna ruin it for everyone”.

Most importantly, Armin is as excited about the future of trance and electronic music as he ever has been “The computers that we work with are much more sophisticated now, so I hope that the development will go on, and personally I’d like to see trance stay on top and interesting for a big group of people”. The peoples DJ signs off inspirationally “its no longer just a hype, it’s a cultural thing, something that moves a generation of people”. Its not about a particular dj or artist, it’s a celebration of life, and its not gonna go away”