tyDi– Hotel Rooms
Label: Armada Records | Release Date: November 22nd, 2013

Take a look at the Beatport Top 100, many of the tracks blend together and sound the same. Formulaic hit after hit…given that we all love to rage our faces off to from time to time,  but how do we even know who made what any more? Complaints are being lodged from fans and artists alike that the electronic dance music scene has lost its creativity and is now commercially saturated with formulaic music that is about being the loudest with the biggest kick drum drop. Luckily, some artists continue to follow their own paths of creativity to produce music born out of their own passion, regardless of what the masses may say. One such artist is Australia’s #1 DJ/producer, tyDi.

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Stepping away from the easy route of crafting tracks with quick production tricks and elements to please the masses, tyDi takes a different route in putting together a compilation album of tracks that fall on a very different end of the musical spectrum. Known for blurring genre lines within his own discography, tyDi takes it to another level with his upcoming album Hotel Rooms. In our recent interview with the producer, tyDi gave us some insight about what to expect from the new album.

There is an album coming out November 22nd, it’s called Hotel Rooms and it’s purely…it’s not dance…I described it on the album cover as a fusion of electronic, orchestral, chill-out, and ambient. That was the best way I could describe it because there is no dance music in it. It is kind of more the music you put on in a lounge or to really submerse yourself in and that was kind of a way of getting that out, I have a huge passion for that kind of music. It’s called Hotel Rooms because that’s where I wrote most of it around the world. That album’s got about 10 new tracks that people haven’t heard before and then it has got a collection of tracks that people have heard from me before. If you’ve heard my old album, Shooting Stars, it’s got ‘Her Lullaby’, ‘Ariana’ and some songs from there that fans know from me. There will probably be a few people who are going to be confused and go “I’ve heard these songs”, but Hotel Rooms isn’t a brand new album, it’s a collection of my chill out and orchestral work, but with a bunch of new songs as well. There are 24 tracks on there, so yea.

Hotel Rooms is an album born from passion and each track has the ability to submerse the listener into a sea of emotion and introspection. Expect beauty, intricacy and full body chills from Hotel Rooms.  This new album is not only aurally pleasing, but it also showcases tyDi’s skill and mastery as a producer. Check out Confirmation Bias‘, a wonderful track that will be included on the album, as well as the album teaser that will reveal a little more about what to expect.