Tristan D & Tangle Pres. Nu-State – Vertigo

What happens when a trance producer from the UK and a trance producer from the US collide? A “Nu-State” is born. US producer Tangle and UK producer Tristan D are collaborating under the alias Nu-State to create some massive tracks. Both producers boast substantial careers and have made names for themselves in the trance world. Tangle’s productions have topped Beatport’s trance charts and Tristan D has worked closely with the legendary Judge Jules to create the best new music.

Nu-State’s first release, ‘Vertigo‘, out on Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit Records, is a massive track that takes elements from various electronic sub genres and combines them into a hard hitting big room anthem. The dirty and aggressive electro build dissipates with a trance like and emotional break, while still holding onto some of the electro synth style of the build and drop. ‘Vertigo‘ is a little more aggressive than the usual styles of both artists and may surprise fans a little, but this is the Nu-State of things and it has us looking forward to future releases. ‘Vertigo‘ is out now on Beatport and has already reached spot #36 on the Trance Chart!