TomorrowWorld & SFX Impress; 140,000 People, Yet Only 17 Medical Transports

Tomorrow World 2013

Tomorrow World had a lot of eyes on it, being the large dance event directly following the tragedy marred Electric Zoo. The event was also 21+, a decision that many speculated cost them selling out the event. With a massive contingent of headliners and the backing of the newly formed SFX Entertainment, people wanted a great party, but were concerned that the events of Labor Day would potentially prevent that. With an IPO on the way for SFX (to the tune of $175 million), TomorrowWorld needed to go off without a hitch.

And that it did. TomorrowWorld blew everyone away. 140,00 attendees, genre after genre of amazing music, food courts, camping grounds, and now, after its all said and done, no bad news. There were no fights, no arrests and only 17 transports for medical reasons of any kind. While there are plenty of little fixes and directing notes that the internet is giving out as we speak, we’d like to come out and give unabashed kudos to everyone involved. Even the live-stream and the web offerings were well thought out. A great idea with solid roots paired with amazing execution gets an astonishing weekend. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for this partnership. (via Billboard)