Throwback Thursday: Eric Prydz & Steve Angello – Woz Not Woz (Club Mix)

Today’s TBT is quite special in that it is a true gem from years past. Eric Prydz’s and Steve Angello’s 2005 release of “Woz Not Woz” was one of the first singles for both artists(not so much for Angello, as he had had quite a few in years prior, however, this was still early on in his career and his first with Prydz), at a time when their names did not carry anywhere near as much clout as they do today. This was Eric Prydz’ first major release after his debut smash hit “Call On Me”, which dominated dance charts all over Europe. While “Woz Not Woz” did not come to possess anywhere near the recognition of “Call On Me”, it is a particularly interesting throwback simply because of Angello’s involvement. At the time, Steve Angello was primarily known for solo tracks, as well as quite a few singles with future Swedish House Mafia member Sebastian Ingrosso. The interconnectedness between the two original members of the Swedish House Mafia, Angello and Ingrosso, and Prydz is substantial and historic indeed, and we won’t bore you with it here (although it actually is quite an interesting history, if you care to explore it on your own). We now leave you with a tune that has aged extremely well, and is a true pleasure of a progressive house track. We hope you enjoy “Woz Not Woz”. Have a great weekend.