Taking Back Sundays: Episode 2 – W&W

This weeks’ Taking Back Sundays Episode is both a result of comments received on the inaugural episode in addition to a purely personal statement. After choosing to forego the obvious choices for a couple weeks or so (I’m sure you can think of to whom I am referring…), it was decided to take an opportunity to make a comment on the current progression of production styles attempting to mesh with what is “popular” in electronic dance music today. One of the most recent phenomenons is the explosion of trouse (trance elements mixed with big room house drop patternings and styles) and one of the forerunners of this phenomenon (whom also received many-a “Oh I miss their sound from ___” from old school trance fans) is none other than the Dutch superduo W&W.

Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst hail from Breda, Netherlands and have been actively producing since 2007. The duo was formed after a happenstance meeting between the two at Trance Energy 2007, and after releasing only solo tracks prior, their first W&W collaboration production named “Mustang” was created. Soon after, their follow-ups “Dome” and “Arena” (which Armin featured on his Armin Only DVD) and eventually found its way into the hands of trance heavyweights Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and more. At that moment, the duo began to take flight, and haven’t stopped til this day…all inclusive of their all-over-the EDM spectrum current tastes, as evidenced by their recent eclectic BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

After ascending to the ranks of performing on the ASOT 400 tour and being featured in Trance Energy 2010, they released their first album Impact in 2011. Longtime W&W fans know that their current “Thunder“/”Jumper” sound isn’t exactly the same as their heady, atmospheric, and completely-original sounding trance roots (this statement is only from my perspective, mind you.) I know a bunch of you are gonna scream “travesty!” or maybe even applaud me for the choice. But before judgement, let me take you on a backward trip through time, back to the ginormous Dutch duo W&W’s roots….

W&W’s Wonders Of The Past:

W&W – “Moscow” (2012)

W&W feat. Bree – “Nowhere To Go” (2011)

W&W feat. Ana Criado – “Three O’Clock” (2011)

W&W – “Alpha” (2010)

Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton – “Rain” (W&W Remix) (2009)

W&W – “Mainstage” (2009)

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