Steve Aoki Joins Epic Meal Time for some Irish Nachos

Steve Aoki on Epic Meal Time

Steve Aoki showed up on Epic Meal Time last week for a quick, entertaining and useful 4 minutes of cooking. Joined by Harley “the Jeff Goldblum of Jamaican Jerk Chicken” Morenstein of Epic Meal Time fame, the two throw together some Irish Nachos for their new segment “Handle It.” Because the Epic Meals that Harley creates are less than totally useful for your average hungry college student, Morenstein has shifted gears and added a series where he & special guests help you throw something together that’s delicious, inventive and cheap.

Steve Aoki comes across quite personable, fun, low-key and almost a bit nerdy. He & The Sauce Boss apparently went to high school together & they show you how to create nachos that replace tortilla chips with flat, home-made french fries. I really liked the way Steve Aoki presented himself here and it gave his fans an opportunity to see another side of him. The food looked easy to make, it probably tastes delicious, and there was even some cake throwing at the end. I think a DJ-studded “Handle It” series by Epic Meal Time is just what we need now that festival season is over and we’re all settling in for the winter.