Splice Offers Innovative Ways for Producers to Collaborate

Getting together in the same room as another producer to release a track can be the hardest part of any collaboration. Between daily responsibilities, personal projects, and whatever else life may throw at producers, it can be nigh impossible to even make time for sleep….let alone social interaction.

But this is all about to change with the release of the new platform called ‘Splice.’ What Splice does is it enables you to create music as you would, and all your saves and edits and tweaks will be saved up in the cloud. This enables other potential collaborators to see your workflow, which in turn allows opportunities for feedback, extra sets of eyes/ears, and can also also people to collaborate on your tracks at any point. While all the edits are saved, one person can take a track you have posted in an entirely different direction while still allowing you to continue to tweak with the original. If you like the perspective another person takes your track, you can include their edits as part of your original.

Splice offers a vast amount of potential for more than just a collaborative playground. Acting as a social-media platform for music and music production alike, it offers an entirely open source to share and experience music in a totally new way. Since Splice allows listeners to view workflows of various artists, which provides an much more intimate experience between the producer and the consumer. This is done via a digital timeline that traces the “DNA” of a track, allowing any and all people to see how the track has progressed from start to the finished product.

The project is lead by Steve Martocci and Matt Aimonetti of LivingSocial and Sony Playstation. With these big names also comes a lot of financial backing of close to $2.75 million dollars by other large name investors. Some of these portfolio investment companies include FourSquare and Twitter, and if these companies believe in this start-up-music app, than it has my support as well.

While Splice’s working beta is only compatible with Ableton Live, sources say that other DAWs will be available in the full release. Click here to check out the website which launched today, as well as sign up for the private beta.