Tower Bro
Photo by: Christopher Fernandez

Every village has an idiot.  Fortunately this one (look top left) didn’t get himself killed, preserving a flawless TomorrowWorld festival.  As the festival was winding down Day 3, Armin dropped into a somewhat uncharacteristic closing, sampling Nirvana, which clearly was too much for “Tower Bro,” as he decided to climb the tallest structure, in hopes of releasing what was left of his rave-energy.  He was promptly arrested when he finally descended the structure.  For what its worth though, if it were me, this picture would be my computer wallpaper for the rest of my life.

Second maybe to this picture below of a Jesse Pinkman doppleganger letting his freak flag fly in the middle of the pit, taken during Alesso, this is arguably one of the most viral user-submitted pictures of the entire festival.  Enjoy those 15 minutes of fame “Tower Bro,” but do us all a favor and not do that again.  We like having death-free festivals.

Jesse Pinkman Streaking
Photo credit: Lydia Mick