Krewella’s ‘Live For The Night’ Remixes EP Announced; Stream Pegboard Nerds Remix

Live for the Night Remixes

After seeing the abundance of positive feedback for their hit ‘Live For The Night’, the Krew has decided to release a monster remix pack that includes the likes of Dash Berlin, W&W, Xilent, Danny Avila, and more recently, Pegboard Nerds. This track was perhaps the most sought after to remix compared to all the other singles on Krewella’s freshman album, Get Wet. The surprise announcement came early this morning when the trio took to Twitter to spill the beans on the remix package. Unfortunately, fans are forced to wait just about another week before they can get their hands on it. In the meantime, take a listen to the exhilerating Pegboard Nerds remix below.

Following up their epic remix to Alive, Pegboard Nerds is at it again with their remix to Krewella’s smash hit Live for the Night. Giving a remix a truly unique feel can be incredibly difficult, but once again Pegboard Nerds did all the right things in this one. During the progressions, the Nerds did amazing vocal edits that that when accompanied by their classic hard hitting yet complex drops, take this song to a whole new level. Here is to hoping we get more remixes and productions from these two, because the chemistry is real. Take a listen for yourself down below.