Feed Me Reviews Beatport Tracks at Random

On Feed Me’s end of the media, there has been no rest for the wicked green skinned bass goblin. Setting aside time time to not only produce and promote an incredible album, the UK producer recently did an article for Beatport reviewing a handful of random tracks currently resting in the site’s top 100 chart.

Feed Me himself declared “I have no idea what’s going on. . .” in chart topping music of late, so he used a random number generator (essentially a computer dice) to select five tracks on Beatport.

What was selected was a random assortment of tracks from all genres, yet none were spared the comedic critique of Mr. Jon Gooch.

Humorous comments such as:

“Marcel and Stefano clearly want you to know that their remix is in G Major because they hit it using a loud stab noise approximately 144 times in the buildup”

“This one shuffles around well enough, and there’s a bass noise that starts off sounding like when you poke a cat that doesn’t like you and then evolves into a sound that somewhat resembles a tiny plane diving”

Yet other comments stand out as being brutally honest, making an overall outstanding critique as a whole:

 “The rigid structure and unwillingness to play any note except F means that any impact her vocals could have had are largely reduced to decoration, and the singing relies on a string of ad-lib takes to retain interest.”

To check out the full critique, head over to Beatport News here, and be sure to check out ‘Calamari Tuesday’ that was released earlier this week off Sotto Voce.