Afrojack Talks Guetta’s Positive Role and Influence Throughout His Career in Latest Documentary

Released today on the AfrojackTV YouTube channel, is the fifth and final installment in the “March of the Afrojack” series that has followed and documented an autobiographical perspective of the Dutch DJ, Afrojack. In the project, which was produced by We Are Not Pilgrims, the international EDM icon gives an intimate analysis of his own journey, those who have influenced him and what he feels for his fans. Throughout this last piece of the project, he addresses the chemistry he has with his friend David Guetta. He expresses the gratitude he has for the fellow Netherland-native, and explains the influence and guidance Guetta has offered him throughout his career.

In addition, a segment called “Afrojack Academy” is included. During which, viewers get to see Afrojack offer his own bit of tips and tutoring to producers who are looking to follow in his footsteps. Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall, is quoted advising them, “Don’t hold back on what you think is cool. Don’t make anyone like you, don’t try to make anyone like you. Just be God’s honest with how you feel.” Nick also gives a genuinely appreciative acknowledgement of his fan base and the connection he has with those who are apart of it.