DanceSafe Aims to Address Drug Education On National Television

With the recent outbreaks of drug overdose news in mainstream media, no drug has received more attention than ‘Molly.’ The innocent street name was given to a drug that was originally pure MDMA, yet it is evident that this is no longer the case. What used to be a pure powder is now more of a mystery powder which can be cut with any number of substances.

This has been the cause of many different deaths and medical emergencies across many festivals as of late, from direct consequences, such as overdoses, to indirect, such as allergic reactions to unknown chemicals the Molly has been cut with. All this bad press has shed an ill light upon the world which we love, and for none more so than for those who have never experienced it. Outsiders looking in can often seem jaded towards the dance music world because of this bad press. It has also lead to many large events being canceled, and has even birthed ideas of a disappearance of rave culture back into the underground.

Thankfully, there are companies that fight for our well being, not only by attempting to educate the masses about drug use, but also providing sources of good press for our community. Companies such as DanceSafe.Org are here to promote safe and informed drug usage and their presence in the scene is indeed quite welcome. By neither supporting nor condemning the assumed drug culture that often can go hand in hand with the EDM underground, they seek to spread informed knowledge about the drugs people choose to partake in. They do this by setting up tents and information centers at large scale festivals, and distributing material designed to promote safe drug use (anything form drug purity testing kits to bottles of water).

The president of DanceSafe is set to appear on public television come mid October. On the 17th of this month, there will be a segment on The Katie Couric Show that will seek to spread this knowledge on national television. This is a large step in the right direction, as it will seek to show how to partake, if you choose to do so, in these substances responsibly. Be sure to stay tuned, and to flip your stations to catch this must-see segment.