Fans of Italian producer / DJ Crookers might have already heard or at least heard about his new single “Ghetto Guetta”, out this month on his own label, Ciao Records. But if you haven’t yet, the visual accompaniment to this electro house jam will definitely get you ready to hear “Ghetto Guetta” on the dance floor. Premiered today on Beatport, the music video features all kinds of colorful explosives and even some cars floating through outer space during the bridge of the song.

“My idea behind making ‘Ghetto Guetta’ was to use a mainstream break, big chords against simple and effective brass and big drums,” Crookers explained in a Billboard interview this week. The simple ideas come to life in the energies of the song and video. After hearing his remix to TJR’s “Ode to Oi” this Tuesday, we’re excited to hear more from Crookers. “Ghetto Guetta” will be released officially on October 22nd.