Afrojack’s ‘March of the Afrojack’ Part 2 Discusses Trials and Tribulations of UMF 2013

If you aren’t familiar with Afrojack, the man has created a incredibly powerful following for himself. From his music to his brand, he strives to continue spreading his global reputation in any outlet he can reach. That’s why when it came down to his mainstage mishap at Ultra Music Festival 2013, he was very frustrated at the fact that his set was not only cut short, but the moment and experience to him was ruined.

Afrojack explains in his most recent edition of his youtube series ,’March of the Afrojack’, the highs and lows of his UMF 2013 experience during which his set was cut short by 5 minutes due to sound difficulties on the dancefloor. He mentions, “This part of the series shows how great it can be and how tough it can be when you have technical difficulties.” The DJ, who spent time preparing the momentous set, shows a glimpse of how upsetting it was to have seen his set cut short and also the growing pains of trying to regain a crowd after such a long technical problem. Athough he felt his set was devastated, Afrojack ends the video on a brighter note when he meets up with his mother, who raised him on her own, to enjoy her birthday for the rest of the night. Regardless of your opinion of Afrojack, web series’ such as this give us an interesting peek into the lives of super stars. For most of us, it is an experience and situation we would never have to deal with, and insight into it is definitely worth five minutes of your time.