Afrojack Talks Personal Relationships With Fellow DJs in Latest Documentary

 The 4th part of Afrojack’s new documentary, “March of the Afrojack,” is titled “Friends and Colleagues 1.” Cameos include: Calvin Harris, who Afro asked to play back to back with, and Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki, who helped Afrojack pop bottles of champagne as well as played with him.

A pivotal part of this video showcases “Afroki,” the relationship between Afrojack and Aoki.

The artist has nothing but positive things to say about his colleagues and their successes, including advice that he has received over the years from them. In this industry, it’s weird if you DON’T have a collaboration, and this world-famous DJ, standing at 6-feet-11-inches (how on Earth is he comfortable in that Ferrari he’s shown driving all around in?!) isn’t lacking in the friend department.