ABC News on EDM: A Time of Prosperity and Million Dollar Checks for DJs

Super names like Tiesto and Calvin Harris have been doing their thing for over a decade. Yet while EDM was more of an underground culture, they saw nowhere near the fame that they are experiencing un our current society. Calvin Harris alone brought in over 40 million dollars last year alone, which puts him above the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

With its recent explosion, everyone and their mothers have been trying to have tracks produced by these superstars. But with the good comes the bad, as the drug culture stigma that seems to go hand in hand with EDM shines its negative light through many of the positives.

But these same superstar Dj’s are the frontmen for advocating against the drug use which has become normalized in the world they play to. Artists such as Armin Van Buuren, who was suposed to headline EZoo until drug related incidents caused its cancelation, say you do not need drugs to experience the music. Instead it should be about being with your friends and living in the moment.

It is interesting seeing these types of perspectives. Even though EDM is relatively new to many of our ears, these superstars have been at it since they can remember. Going hand in hand with this, I am sure they have seen their fair share of the negative aspects of this culture, which is why so many of these DJ superstars will be the first ones to advocate for sobriety as well as a rejection of drug culture in general.

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