Zedd To Release ‘Clarity’ Deluxe Edition on Interscope Records

Piggybacking the hype around his upcoming release with Hayley Williams, Zedd gives the fans a whole new reason to be excited. As if to kick off his “Moments of Clarity” tour, which began in late August, Zedd will be releasing a deluxe version of his Clarity EP. The original Clarity EP peaked at a number three spot on the US Dance/Electronic charts, and new Deluxe version hopes to top that. The revamp of the EP will include a handful of familiar, as well as unfamiliar, Zedd tracks. His electro remix of Skrillex’s “Breaking a Sweat” track earned a spot on the upcoming EP after getting almost 3,000,000 plays on YouTube since its posting in early 2012. A new track to look forward to that will be featured on the EP will be “Push Play,” featuring Miriam Bryant, which has been dropped by Zedd at numerous shows over the past few months.

Zedd himself is more excited than ever for his new track “Stay The Night” to be released saying:

“I love building a track around a vocal,” says Zedd. “It enables me to marry the melodies and harmonies together so they fit like a glove which is what i tried to do with ‘Stay The Night.’ Hayley sounds amazing on the record, she really brought it to life with her emotion and attitude. I’m extremely excited to have her on the song and can’t wait for both of our fans to hear it.”

01 Hourglass (Feat. LIZ)
02 Shave It Up
03 Spectrum (Feat. Matthew Koma)
04 Lost At Sea (Feat. Ryan Tedder)
05 Clarity (Feat. Foxes)
06 Codec
07 Stache
08 Fall Into The Sky (Lucky Date & Zedd) (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
09 Follow You Down (Feat. Bright Lights)
10 Epos
11 Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore)
12 Push Play (Feat. Miriam Bryant)
13 Alive (Empire Of The Sun & Zedd)
14 Breakn’ A Sweat (Skrillex & The Doors) (Zedd Remix)
15 Spectrum (Feat. Matthew Koma) (Acoustic Guitar Version)
16 Clarity (Feat. Foxes) (Acoustic Version)

You can preview the Hayley Williams & Miriam Bryant collab tracks below:

Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore)

Push Play (Feat. Miriam Bryant)

Zedd – Clarity (Deluxe Edition) | iTunes
What other popular Zedd tracks do you predict to appear on the new EP?

Make sure to grab your tickets for the “Moments of Clarity Tour” and be one of the first to hear some of these new tracks before the official EP is released!